Mike & Karen Lantz
Mike and Karen Lantz

We are Mike and Karen Lantz from Des Moines, IA . Reaching the Double Platinum level with Team National has been very exciting for us, and at the same time a very humbling experience. We realize that we could not have reached this level without the help from so many people. This is truly a team effort. We celebrate this moment with all of you. You have touched our lives in ways that you cannot even imagine.

Twelve years ago, we were extremely busy like most families. Mike was a CPA, financial planner, and multiple business owner, and I was an Interior Designer. In addition to our busy careers, we had two boys that were very active in sports and Mike was coaching them in baseball and basketball. Needless to say, we weren’t looking for something else to throw into the mix of our busy schedules. If anything, we were looking for a way to simplify our lives. Read More

We saw the unique group buying concept that Team National had put together, and quickly realized – “who doesn’t want to save money!” Mike had analyzed many marketing plans for clients in other direct sales companies throughout his career. Team National’s marketing plan was the strongest marketing plan he had ever come across. We saw an opportunity for a business unlike any of the traditional businesses we currently owned. The fact that it required no employees, no leases, no inventory, no payroll taxes – all the headaches of traditional businesses, was a huge plus for us. We bought our Team National benefits package within 5 minutes after seeing the program (back then, they used a VCR tape and large flip chart to show us this awesome concept!) We only had 11 benefits to save money on when we joined, but we knew the benefits package would grow. We were excited about the income potential!!

Even though we were excited, we got off to a slower start than we had hoped. We hosted one person during our first month and had several good friends, we thought would be interested, tell us no. Although we were not having any luck referring the concept, we did start using the benefits and had saved almost three times the cost of the premium membership by the end of our first six months. This was about the time we went to our first National Convention. At the convention, Team National went from our heads to our hearts. We gained true belief in the company, in the direct sales industry, and most importantly in OUR ability to do this business. We also saw how important the National Convention was to our belief, and haven’t missed a convention since. We learned the importance of using the proven system, came home and hosted 6 people in the next 10 days and started building teams of people.

From that point on our income began to grow. By the end of the following year, our Team National income allowed us to buy a lake home at Lake of the Ozarks and create some great family memories. Within 2 ½ years of treating this like a business, the income passed up Mike’s income as a CPA after 22 years of business. That gave our family options. Mike decided to sell his CPA practice and the other businesses he was involved with, and not work the long hours that he was accustomed to. This business has truly changed our lives, and given us much more time freedom, and the ability to choose and direct our own lives.

The personal growth we have experienced because of our Team National journey has been life-changing for us. We have definitely grown as individuals and grown closer as a couple because of this business. We are so thankful to be involved with a company who cares so much, not just about income, but making sure their business partners are growing also, and provides so many avenues for our personal growth. We feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people both on our team and throughout the entire Team National family. Without their help and encouragement, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We encourage all of you to set your goals and go for them. If you don’t quite reach your goal, reset the goal and keep moving forward. Have the courage to stay the course. The journey is wonderful and the rewards will be your wildest dreams. We have seen a lot of change and growth with this company over the last 12 years and look forward to the future of Team National and being a part of growing to a Billion dollar company!!

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